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Job Description For A Real Estate Closer

Real estate closers are the link between sellers and buyers of homes. While employment opportunities in this industry are subject to chance with the current economic environment, the need for this profession will still be applicable. However, the need for real estate closers will change in accordance with the amount of property sales.

Real estate closer duties will include various tasks such as disbursing funds. Closers can expect to work at least 40 hours per week and must work weekends. Qualifications needed include good communication skills and telephone etiquette. Closers must have at least a high school diploma or GED for their education. Understanding the industry will give these employees the chance to make a higher salary.

Real estate closer duties

During a home sale, real estate closers coordinate the agreement between sellers and buyers. Reviewing legal closing documents, and providing each person involved with the completed financial documents are just some of the job duties that may be required. Other responsibilities include presiding over and scheduling closing meetings, verifying that a property title is transferable, and disbursing funds.

Real estate closers also put together data that is included in final closing cost transactions. These transactions include titles, appraisals, loans, and other fees. These workers may be required to complete additional duties as they are assigned.

Real estate closer qualifications and education requirements

Being detail oriented and having good communication skills are a must for closers. These employees should also be able to manage their time effectively. Real estate closers need to be able to deal with clients in a professional manner while still being personable. Also, good telephone etiquette is helpful in this environment as well as speaking skills. Being organized in this profession is a plus. Keep in mind that potential employers may look for prior real estate experience.

Anyone looking to pursue this profession should have at least a high school diploma or GED. Some employers may require a certificate or college degree in a field related to real estate. Closers do not have to be licensed. However, it is helpful to be a notary.

The industry and salary of real estate closers

The primary employer of closers is the real estate industry. Economic recession can result in less demand for this profession, making job outlook unpredictable. A real estate closer salary will vary depending on experience and industry knowledge. These employees can be on a salary or they can also be paid by the hour. This job is not usually based on commission.

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