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Reasons Why Real Estate Prices Fluctuate

The real estate market seems to be constantly changes and there are many reasons why real estate prices fluctuate. It is important for both homebuyers and home sellers to know what happens when real estate prices fluctuate and to understand the reasons behind the changes. These reasons include economic factors and social factors.

What happens when real estate prices fluctuate?

Both social and economic factors create the ability for prices to increase or decrease within the real estate market. When prices increase, there are less homes available and there may be less options for both buyers and sellers. When prices decrease, there are more homes available.

When there are not enough homes for sale to meet demand, sellers tend to raise their asking prices. Since there are not enough homes for potential buyers, bidding wars may occur where buyers offer more money for a property. When too many properties are for sale, an overall drop in real estate prices can occur. Although sellers will make less, many more buyers will be able to purchase homes or other properties.

How economic factors cause real estate prices to fluctuate

There are several economic reasons that cause real estate prices to fluctuate. Governmental factors, including tax breaks, refunds, and incentives, give more money to people to use as a down payment. Any changes to the regulations surrounding the home loan process can create fluctuations in the amount of people looking to purchase a home based on price. Incentives, especially for first time home buyers, allow more people to consider owning a home.

How social factors cause real estate prices to fluctuate

Local government plays a role in the fluctuation of real estate prices on a smaller scale. A noticeable improvement or deterioration of a municipality as a result of government actions can cause people to move into or out of neighborhoods. For example, an increase in crime or a declaration by city officials to clean up a neighborhood can cause people to move. These social associations between government and citizens directly affect the price of a home or other property.

Before you buy or sell a home, it is important to know why the cost of real estate changes. For more information on real estate prices, or buying and selling homes, contact Elite Real Estate Group in Amarillo. Give us a call today at (806) 337-0883 or Contact Us via email. You can also view our listings to see the homes we currently have available in the Texas Panhandle area.

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