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Tips For Selling A Home That Isn’t Selling

Knowing how to sell a house is important, but how do you sell a home that isn’t selling? Sometimes, sellers in Amarillo, Texas face the challenge of a slow real estate market, which can make selling real estate difficult and time consuming. However, there are three tips that you can use when selling a home that isn’t selling. First, consider if the sale price of your home is right. Then, you can ask yourself if your home feels dated or needs critical repairs. Next, consider if your home is attractive and inviting to buyers.

Is the sale price of your home right?

Amarillo real estate prices can fluctuate quite a bit in just a short amount of time. The price you put on your home a year ago may be too high today. If your property isn’t selling, the first question you should ask is if the price is right.

Your Amarillo real estate agent should be able to pull current listings and recent sales to see what comparable real estate is selling for. Comparing prices can tell you if your selling price is too high. If you’re trying to sell your home for too much money, consider if you should reduce the price and by how much.

The real estate market may have also changed since you first put your home up for sale. You may find that homes are not selling as quickly or are selling for far below the asking price. Both situations are indicators of market changes that should affect your sale price.

Does your home feel dated or need critical repairs?

Most home buyers don’t want to spend time or money on making major upgrades or repairs on real estate they just bought. If your real estate feels outdated or is in need of critical repairs, this could be an indication of why it isn’t selling. Consider your options for upgrades and repairs if your home doesn’t seem appealing to buyers.

Ask your Amarillo real estate agent for a solid assessment of what needs to be done with your property. You can also ask your friends and family for their honest opinion. You may find that doing some minor upgrades or repairs makes all the difference in selling your home.

Is your home attractive and inviting?

Considering if your home is attractive to buyers is different from considering upgrades and repairs. Presentation is everything when selling Amarillo real estate. Your home may not be selling because buyers are not drawn to it aesthetically. There are steps you can take to see your property from a buyer’s perspective, which may help you see any issues with your property.

Start with what the buyer sees from the curb. Is the outside of your property clean and attractive? Consider if the landscaping is in good condition and be sure to keep kid’s toys hidden and trash picked up. You can also look at your front door from the outside of your home. Does it stand out or blend in? Painting the door a bright, fresh color can help buyers see your home as inviting.

Walk into your home and be honest about your first impression. Is your property bright and clean or dark and dingy? Your entire house needs to be clean and welcoming when you put it on the Amarillo real estate market.

Although it may seem strange, you can have an outsider come into your house to get their opinion. It is very easy for you to become immune to the smells and sights in your home. Bringing someone else in can give you a new view of how attractive your home is. You may find the odor of the cat litter or the smell of last night’s dinner is lingering. Be sure that after your home is put onto the Amarillo market that it always smells and looks clean.

Ensure light enters every corner of your home. If your windows are covered by dark, heavy curtains, you are blocking out one of your biggest selling assets. Open up the curtains and clean the windows to help attract buyers.

When selling a home, pack up your personal items. Buyers need to envision themselves living in your house, not someone else’s. If your home isn’t selling, consider making it look less personal to you and more inviting to buyers. You can also consider hiring a professional staging company if your home isn’t selling. Professional staging can make your real estate stand out from other properties on the Amarillo market.

This three-stage process will help you sell a home that isn’t selling. If you would like more information about selling real estate, call the Amarillo real estate specialists at Elite Real Estate Group. You can reach us at (806) 337-0883 or Contact Us by email for more information about our services. You can also view our listings to see what properties we currently have to offer or stop by our location at 3955 Soncy in Amarillo, Texas.

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