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What Is A Buyer’s Specialist?

If you want to buy real estate in Amarillo, Texas, consider hiring a buyer’s specialist. A buyer’s specialist represents you and your interests as the homebuyer, not the seller or the seller’s interests. It is important to know that buyer’s specialists get a commission of the purchase and have specific duties to fulfill. Buyer’s specialists are in charge of managing the homebuying process from start to finish.

Commission for buyer’s specialists

All Amarillo real estate agents earn a living through commissions. The typical commission paid through the purchase of a property is 6%. That commission is split between the homebuyer’s agent and the seller’s agent and then split even more with their respective brokers. While it is possible to be the exclusive agent in a deal, each party usually wants a professional looking out for only their best interests. For homebuyers, this professional is a buyer’s specialist.

Duties of the buyer’s specialists

Typically, a buyer’s specialist will meet with you to go over your needs and desires for your new home. The specialist will ask questions regarding your present income situation and any future plans that may impact your current income. These plans include starting a family, buying new cars, and extending credit. After recording all the necessary information, the buyer’s specialist will find listings that match your needs, wants, and budget. Then, this real estate agent will begin to create a schedule to show you each property. Your Amarillo real estate specialist should understand all areas of real estate, local and state ordinances, building codes, the Amarillo housing market, and recent value fluctuations.

Buyer’s specialists manage the purchase process

Once you decide on the home you want to purchase, your buyer’s specialist will stay with you throughout the entire process. This professional will manage the purchase process and guide you through the paperwork and meetings with the appraiser, surveyor, loan agent, and title agent. The buyer’s specialist will also offer important insights and recommendations along the way. It is this real estate agent’s job to make sure that every facet of the homebuying process goes as smoothly as possible.

Having a buyer’s specialist dedicated to you can make the homebuying process easier and more enjoyable. If you have questions about these real estate agents or buying a home, contact the Amarillo real estate specialists at Elite Real Estate Group. Call us today at (806) 337-0883 or Contact Us by email to learn more about our services. You can also view our listings to see what real estate we currently have to offer or visit us in person at 3955 Soncy in Amarillo.

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